Tea Room

Le Ragueneau, a tea room at the heart of Paris

As well as being an excellent good value restaurant in Paris, le Ragueneau restaurant also offers a Parisian tea room, where you are welcome to take a gourmet break at any time of day from Monday through to Sunday, or stop off for breakfast.

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A sweet interlude at le Ragueneau's tea room

It was no coincidence that led Edmond Rostand to portray Ragueneau, the legendary 
rôtisseur to the Parisian poets, in Cyrano de Bergerac, reciting the recipe for Almond 
tartlet! This delicious tartlet made with almond paste and raspberry jam has been 
famous for centuries in this Paris tea room. “In the oven place each mould: / 
Reappearing, softly browned The renowned Almond tartlets you behold!” That alone 
should convince all gourmets to stop by the restaurant’s tea room. 


A very extensive pastry list is available with something to suit all tastes.

Two pages of sweets on the restaurant menu mean plenty of choices for tea room lovers.The wide range of fruit tarts and traditional pastries are well complemented by a large selection of tasty biscuits, brownies and other more intricate delicacies.

A range of classic beverages at the tea room at le Ragueneau restaurant

The sweetness of traditional home-made hot chocolate comforts customers at the Ragueneau tea room, as they take a break near the Palais-Royal from their afternoon cultural visits. For the connoisseurs of Paris tea room tradition, le Ragueneau offers a selection of classic teas including the illustrious “thé des frères Mariage.” All qualities that make le Ragueneau’s tea room a must!