Your Restaurant in the Centre of Paris

A place steeped in history

Located in the first arrondissement of Paris, our restaurant is situated right next to the capital’s epicentre, where landmarks of cultural heritage and French history abound - such as the place du Palais Royal contiguous to the Louvre, the place Vendôme built in Louis XIV’s honour and destroyed in the Commune of 1870, and the place des Victoires, also built to exalt the conquests of the Sun King.

Besides all the important governmental buildings nearby, our restaurant le Ragueneau in the centre of Paris allows you to discover a cuisine that is both high quality and steeped in more than 300 years of world renowned expertise. A cuisine both modern and wonderfully ancient that is sure to enchant you.

Your restaurant in the centre of Paris is also near the majestic Conciergerie, the residence and the seat of power of the Kings of France from the 10th to the 14th Centuries, which offers many Jazz concerts throughout the year. In short, a real jazz restaurant in Paris.

We invite you to discover both our south-western cuisine and our menu.

Entertainment in the Centre of Paris

What is more, you can go for a drink in any one of the many surrounding bars if you would like to unwind whilst enjoying the charms of the les Halles neighbourhood, one of the most effervescent and oldest areas in the capital, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Le Ragueneau, your restaurant in the centre of Paris, offers Jazz concerts by the Clement Blumen Trio on Friday and Saturday, when the restaurant creates a jazz club atmosphere for the delight of its customers. You can also go to the Guiness Tavern for nightly live pop-rock groups, or to the Hideout after visiting le Ragueneau, your good value restaurant!

If you want to take in a movie after your meal at our restaurant in the centre of Paris, visit the UGC des Halles, which offers an extensive choice of films to finish this dreamlike journey started at le Ragueneau.