South-western Restaurant

The expertise of a great chef

Vincent Sitz, the current owner and chef of le Ragueneau, is a great lover of south-western cuisine, particularly that of the Gascony region.

You will find specialties from this flagship region of French gastronomy, specially adapted for the restaurant’s menu, such as "Duck Foie Gras in Monbazillac with Aubergine Confit", not to mention many dishes that are both hearty and delicious, in the purest tradition of the restaurant, such as “Braised Lamb Shank Casserole” or “Ragueneau style Cod Brandade”.

This unique south-western restaurant will delight your taste buds!

Exceptional wines in your south-western restaurant in Paris. Every great restaurant owner knows the importance of choosing just the right wine for each dish, so that the marriage of food and wine enhances the unique flavours, smells and textures of each recipe.The same red meat will not release the same flavours if you opt for a full-bodied red wine, rich in tannins, rather than a lighter, fruitier wine.

That is why Vincent Sitz places great importance on putting his produce and wine through a rigorous selection process when it comes to designing creations for the menu of his south west restaurant, with the help of such renowned winemakers and vintners as Julien Montfort, with whom he selects his wines, and other lesser-known but just as inspired collaborators.

The marriage between a dish and wine requires true talent and a long training process, so that the palate appreciates all the subtleties of a wine.For this reason our wine list provides you with a brief explanation of each vintage, using the poetic language so common to Oenology.

Alchemist or gourmet?

This is a legitimate question, insofar as our chef works very carefully to perfect how his wines complement each of his ingredients. The restaurant has thus stocked up with an astounding selection of wines from the south-west, which gives you the chance to taste wines from Bergerac and other, more traditional Bordeaux wines.

The cuisine that you can enjoy at le Ragueneau, a south-western restaurant yet Parisian at heart and in history, is thus worthy of the prestige bestowed on French gastronomy.