Jazz restaurant

A jazz restaurant: Paris's dream made reality thanks to Le Ragueneau

A jazz restaurant in Paris that cannot help but grab your attention. Le Ragueneau's beautiful location, right between the Louvre and the Comédie-Française, was not an matter of chance.

The cultural and creative location par excellence, Paris's first arrondissement is also an ideal place to relax and to listen to music, where the notes of the past and the future come together.

Le Ragueneau has long cherished the jazz chords that have also made it famous.

Every Friday night, the place du Palais-Royal vibrates to the rhythm of both jazz standards and contemporary creations.
Blue Velvet and Use are just some of the groups that perform at our jazz restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Le Ragueneau, a restaurant that combines culinary delights with a cosy jazz atmosphere.

Try the “Amandine” or almond tartlet, a delicacy already famous in Molière and Richelieu's times, whilst immersed in the sweet, soft sound of an acoustic jazz concert.

The restaurant group Paris le Ragueneau offers its clientele the delights of traditional gastronomy and the inventiveness of jazz.

At the weekend, the jazz sounds emanating from our restaurant turn sweet, caramelised by the calibre of the artists that we welcome and the jazz concerts we organise.

More than just a jazz restaurant, Le Ragueneau exudes centuries-old art and culture.

The motto of our jazz restaurant could be: a blend of swing chords in a velvet setting, accompanied by the sound of the forks of enthusiastic diners.

By mixing styles and centuries in one composite whole, both in terms of its gastronomy and the ambiance he has created, Vincent Sitz has turned this restaurant into a Parisian flagship.

Given that paradox is often the prerogative of artists, it should come as no surprise that some evenings big names from the theatre world, such as the actors Jacques Weber, Pierre Santini, Francis Huster or Gérard Depardieu can be spotted.

A jazz restaurant in Pairs is no longer a dream, it is now a reality.