Le Ragueneau and Bergerac: wine, culture and heritage

A vintage synonym of prestige

Bergerac wine is very much a part of Le Ragueneau's three hundred year old history. Some great historical figures such as Frédéric II of Prussia, England's Henry III and Rabelais all loved this wine and extolled its virtues throughout the old continent.

Wine and literature have always played a very essential role in the heritage of Bergerac, in the Dordogne.However, the vineyards of this town have always been somewhat overshadowed by those of the prestigious territories of Pomerol or Saint-Emilion, where the renowned wines of Aquitaine are made.

This is why Ragueneau's wine cellar has a very good wine selection, including a very well-known 2005 Bergerac called Moulin des Dames.

A field open to laymen and connoisseurs alike

Wine, like jazz where Le Ragueneau has already made a name for itself thanks to its Friday night concerts, can be appreciated by everyone. However, it can also be tasted at various levels. You cannot perceive all the subtleties of a great vintage until you have trained your palette to detect and elicit its aromatic notes and “flavours”, a term used to define the ensemble of sensations experienced while tasting food.

Similarly, one of the hallmarks of a great wine is its length in mouth, measured in seconds or “caudalies”, to use the oenological term.At Le Ragueneau, however, we do not believe laymen should be forced to learn such techniques and the sometimes off-putting jargon. For this reason, each Bergerac wine is presented on our wine list with a few evocative words that are rich with meaning.

Wine tasting thus becomes a simple pleasure, open to all.

Sharing our values

That is why at Le Ragueneau we feel that the best way to honour a region we hold dear is to make sure that when people think of Bergerac, it is intrinsically associated to wine and gastronomy.

We therefore strive to ensure that your time at Le Ragueneau gives you the chance to discover new flavours and - why not? - share our passion for Bergerac wine.

Download our Wine List here.